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2017-06-26 04:23 pm

What sort of parent must one be...

Man jailed for dangling baby from window in Algeria

A court in Algeria has sentenced a man to two years in prison for dangling a baby out of a window in order to attract "likes" on Facebook.
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2017-06-02 10:07 am

Make America covfefe again!

The Twittersphere is buzzing again! Trump has spoken! And what a word he has invented!

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2017-05-26 11:28 am

Telling time.

Interesting way to tell time, no doubt.

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2017-05-17 10:00 am

The need for diversification

African Govts Urged to Diversify Economies

African governments have been urged to focus on growing intra-African trade and diversifying their economies to stop reliance on commodities to reduce vulnerability to external shocks.

According to a statement from African Trade Insurance Agency (ATI), continued commodity price decline and current geopolitical uncertainties are also affecting trade on the continent. This was at the 17th annual general meeting of African Trade Insurance Agency in Nairobi, Kenya last week.
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2017-05-09 11:16 am

To my princess

Lindiwe is celebrating her 4th birthday today. Stay bright, my sunshine!

Oh and it's party time!!! :-)
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2017-05-04 11:15 am

He is such a buzzkill...

While we are about alarmist apocalyptic predictions, let me mention Stephen Hawking. The older he gets, the more pessimistic he seems to be. Now he is saying that humankind should colonise another planet within the next 100 years if it wants to prevent its own extinction. In a new documentary that he is making for BBC, he will make his argument in favour of space colonisation for the sake of self-preservation, and explores the relevant possibilities to teraform another planet:

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2017-04-24 09:50 am

New AU chairman

New AU Chief Puts Peace Back On the Agenda

The scene is not a familiar one at the African Union (AU): the AU Commission (AUC) chairperson, in shirtsleeves, walking in the blazing sun down an unpaved alley in a war-torn country. Yet this picture of Moussa Faki Mahamat, the new AUC chairperson, on a visit to South Sudan, is probably the first of many.
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2017-03-30 03:48 pm

Why good people can commit atrocities

There is a good episode on the Through The Wormhole show, Can We Eliminate Evil? For those who are interested, here is the full episode:

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2017-03-25 12:10 am


This article about the most common bywords that we South Africans have adopted through the years, has reminded me to ask you guys about the bywords you're used to. Every culture and nation has their own, after all. Names that originally meant specific brands of products have become so commonplace that nowadays they denote the entire segment of products associated with that brand. In most cases, due to market domination of that brand in its relevant segment.
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2017-03-19 01:16 pm
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2017-03-15 01:50 pm

Less traveling hassle

South Africa may soon share a passport with 14 other countries

The South African Development Community (SADC) has announced their plans to introduce a new regional law which would see all member countries holding a common passport. Traveller24 reports that this would not only allow for easy travel between borders, but also allow for a single travel document for international travel.
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2017-03-10 12:13 pm
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2017-03-07 03:37 pm

That's right, fellas!

15 Foods only people who grew up in South Africa will crave [pictures]

There are many things only South Africans understand. And there are equally as many things that we’ll just never understand when we travel. One thing we definitely understand is the foods that we grew up with. And how it feels when we’re craving them. Especially if you’re craving them when you’re away from home.
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2017-03-04 12:10 am

Winfrey 2020?

Oprah for prez? Well, now I'm thinking!

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2017-02-28 08:29 am

The real America

Here is an unexpected upside of the Trump presidency. Despite itself, it is bringing people together. I have always hoped that faced with hate and division, people would embrace unity. And they have:

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2017-02-18 12:08 am